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What Our Students Have to Say

Excellent workout/diet/mindset combo. It’s not only my abs going down of course, I’ve shedding weight all over and love it. Skin is glowing, metabolism is at its peak, as I poo 2/3 times daily. I feel FIT, FAB and ALIVE!!
Joyce Daniels
Thank you coach Iwo for the ‘7 day free flat belly challenge’. I consider it an inclusive approach to weight management – incorporating diet and lifestyle modification. I particularly like this because the diet plan is not based on proteins mainly. For this reason, I would definitely recommend it! I believe it works with commitment and dedication.
I love the challenge. So far so good I have not fallen off the bandwagon. I work out but I am not faithful. What I try to do is take 30 minutes walk at night. The meals are easy to follow & enjoyable. I love the flat belly drink we take 30 minutes before meals. Infact I see am replacing fizzy drinks for me in the long run. I actually chew d pieces of ginger & garlic at the bottom of the cup.
Inemesit Kemi Oyebanji
My experience with Queen Iwo has been nothing short of amazing! Training and following her philosophies of daily nutrition, I have seen enormous changes in my body. I feel more energized, happy and ready to take on a busy schedule. With love, she helps you every step of the way in overcoming your obstacles and achieving your personal fitness goals.
Mark Sun