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Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive.

I lost 7kg and 3inches around my waistline. I never exercised before now, but now i’m used to it, at least 20mins work out session daily except Sundays. I’ve also included veggies and fruits in my meals which I never did before. On the whole, the experience was worth its while.
Check out Esther’s experience. Regarding the programme, I have made a lot of changes to my lifestyle since then in the following ways
1. i now eat in smaller quantities
2. I no longer skip meals
3. I exercise daily
4. i balance the nutritional contents of my food
5. i feel comfortable in my body and my weightloss efforts are for my healthy living not for looks nor for pleasing anyone.

Since joining the course my eight hasn’t gone in in the past 6 months,i have shrunk from 75kg to 64kg and i have maintained this for the past 6 months.
What about Tomi Fadipe?
I learnt and have incorporated many life changing habits. I learnt the importance of eating healthy and more importantly eating the right portions. I also learnt that exercise is a very essential part of living a healthy life. The weekly plans and exercise routines were a plus to the program. I realise this group is the first of its kind and give you kudos for the hard work that went into it…Well done!

Enitan Rufai

I started with 106Kg and ended with 83Kg! A whooping loss of 23kg. With Iwo’s pr‎ogramme, it was made easier. What I love ‎ most about the whole challenge is that it can be done in the comfort of your home. There is no excuse of time. More so I love the surprise on people’s faces when they realised I was losing weight yet they never saw me at the gym or taking a walk nor jogging.
Another thing about the programme is that it presents weight loss challenges as building a healthy lifestyle. This helps one to maintain a healthy living even one’s ideal/desired weight is achieved. That is, one’s chances of gaining weight again or moving in circles is greatly reduced. The weight loss is more permanent.
The list is endless. I always look forward to each week’s challenge, trying to know what Iwo would come up with each week. The encouragement from team mates is awesome!! The motivation is unequaled! ‎I love meeting people anyway! Well done Iwo! Your idea and innovation is really noble and original.

Janice Egbudum


I have lost about 10kg…I have realised that slower weight loss is a more sustainable one. My energy level is off the hook and never get tired and sleepy anymore during the day. I had fun in our class because now I have new friends who constantly keep pushing me not to give up on my weight loss goal sometimes am overwhelmed with the amount of support I get from them.

I also learnt that eating healthy and being happy is not as difficult as it looks. I can now make homemade smoothies thanks to you. God bless u and keep doing the good work u have started . Thanks and God bless Damilola Ife-Adeniyi, I really appreciate the programme because I got beyond my money’s worth…didn’t have to go to the gym for a day, my husband also is loosing weight, I eat healthy without being told (oh yes I am human sometimes, but don’t go overboard), I can proudly say since July 2014 I haven’t gained weight….its a huge huge testimony…I look 10yrs younger….at 65kg now and counting.

I don’t wake up feeling tired and worn out, my bowel habit is far better and I drink water like a horse (laughing). Thank you so much Iwo… Thank God for FitFabandAlive

Chioma Okoli