Can you picture your ideal self in the best shape ever in your most desired weight…

Living your best life ever and fulfilling all your dreams? In your ideal self, you take a step everyday towards being FITTER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER, not because you are compelled or pressured to do so, but because this is the way you live your life, free of ailments but full of energy, vitality, vigour and strength.

Impossible is nothing!!!

you certainly can enjoy total well-being…spirit, mind and body without feeling constantly overwhelmed. Your mind if well programmed is the greatest tool you can harness to live the life of your dreams. Your situations, circumstances or challenges can bring the best out of you if only you have the inner eye to see and the ability to harness these situations properly.

  1. I can tell you for sure that I know more than ever before what it takes to be fit, healthy and happy, sound in Spirit, Mind and Body taking simple yet deliberate steps every day to enjoy optimum health, making the right deposits in your health account.

You do not need to register in a gym to spend over 1 hour on a thread mill every week day yet get more tired and stressed out. You only need 10-30 mins of exercise not more than 4 times a week in the comfort of your home, even without any equipment. There are more excellent tools, resources and proven methodologies available today than ever before (so much that it can be quiet overwhelming) but you see, you can get the simplest, time tested yet effective solutions to enjoy total-well being.

The best part is…

That’s what I do. You won’t find me in a gym sweating for long hours doing the same boring exercises, you won’t catch me eating some bland tasteless food all in the bid to keep healthy, you won’t see me skipping meals rather eating up to 5 times daily, you can’t catch me feeling low or down (if at all it is short lived), rather optimistic and full of life. You can only see me full of energy and vitality.

And now… I do not want to keep this a secret from you rather, share all I have learnt as a certified coach as well as from my personal experience. My mission in one sentence though laudable yet demanding is this I help you go from Flab and Drab to Fit and Fab. You sculpt your body, get WAISTed, rock that new dress and become your FITTEST SELF EVER.

I want you to celebrate YOU UNLIMITED…FITTER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER. You will come to place of strength, vigour and vitality garnished with peace, focus and creativity while celebrating your individuality as you make daily choices that leaves you healthy, wealthy and wise.



They have been designed to inspire and empower women to jumpstart their journey in achieving their desired goals. The challenges usually last for 7 days and have recorded outstanding results. Check reviews on our facebook fan page



Flab to Fab is a 10 summer days summer bootcamp packed with fun activities to inspire and empower participants to reclaim and sculpt their dream bodies.


A one day female fitness event (every quarter), designed to encourage women to be fit, stay healthy, have fun and network. Activities include cardio, health talk, dance, yoga, raffle draw, etc.


Organize and Facilitate in programs designed for women who want to increase their health quotient, enjoy total well-being and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Impossible is nothing!!!

An embodiment of everything beautiful – A Certified Pre/Postnatal Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, a certified makeup artist; in summary, a Women’s Fitness Specialist. AKA FITmomvangelist.

The convener of Beauty Revealed, a one day interactive beauty seminar tailored to enrich the woman mentally, emotionally, financially, psychologically and spiritually thereby inspiring her to become the true definition of the word ‘BEAUTIFUL’, and making an impact in her sphere of influence.

A prolific speaker, coach, writer and ideas person; Uniquely, original, dynamic in expression and rich in creativity. I bet you would love to not only have a taste of what I have to offer, but will be ready to join me as I take you on a ride to enjoying total well-being in whole new dimension. Just to cap it, Fit, Fab And Alive is your one stop hub that takes you on a transformational journey and unforgettable life changing experience as you become your fittest self ever so that you can be more, do more and have more of all your hearts desires


Excellent workout/diet/mindset combo. It’s not only my abs going down of course, I’ve shedding weight all over and love it. Skin is glowing, metabolism is at its peak, as I poo 2/3 times daily. I feel FIT, FAB and ALIVE!!!



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