Install Bitnami WordPress

At the end of this step, you will have installed the Bitnami WordPress Stack.

Begin by downloading the Bitnami WordPress Stack for your platform ( Once downloaded, follow these steps:

On Windows and Mac OS X, begin the installation process by double-clicking the installation executable. On Linux, give the installer executable permissions and then execute the installation file, as shown below:
NOTE: Mac OS X installers can use port 80 only when run as a system administrator with the sudo command.
chmod 755


  • Select the installation language if prompted. You will be greeted by the welcome screen. Click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • On the resulting component selection screen, select “WordPress”. You may optionally also choose to install phpMyAdmin and Varnish ™. Click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • Select the installation directory for the Bitnami WordPress Stack. Click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • Enter your name, email address, WordPress username and WordPress password. These last two values will be needed to log in to the WordPress administration panel in the next step, so note them carefully. Click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • Enter a name for your WordPress blog (you can always change it later) and click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • WordPress (and many other applications) can send email notifications on certain events, such as comments on posts. In case you’d like to receive these notifications, check the box to configure mail support and choose whether you’d like email to be sent via your Gmail account or a third-party SMTP server. Click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • Depending on the options selected on the previous screen, you’ll now be prompted to enter either your Gmail username and password, or the credentials and other details for your SMTP server. Enter this information and click “Next” to proceed.
    Installation process
  • Choose whether you’d like to read about Bitnami Cloud Hosting and click “Next” to proceed, then “Next” again on the final screen to begin the installation process.
    Installation process

The application will now begin installing to the directory you specified. The process usually takes a few minutes: a status indicator provides a progress update.

Installation process

Once installation is complete, you will see a success message. Check the box to launch the Bitnami WordPress Stack and click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Installation process

This should launch a new browser window with a welcome screen, as shown below. You can also access this welcome screen by launching your Web browser and entering the URL http://localhost or http://localhost:8080 (depending on which platform you’re using and whether you installed the stack as an administrator or regular user) into the browser address bar.

Stack welcome page

Click the “Access WordPress” link and you should see the front page of your blog with a sample post, as below:

WordPress blog home page

Bitnami native installers include a graphical tool to manage the database and Web servers. This tool is named manager-windows.exe (on Windows), manager-osx (on Mac OS X) or (on Linux) and is located in the installation directory. To use this tool, double-click the file and then use the graphical interface to start, stop or restart servers. Server log messages can be checked in the “Server Events” tab.

Graphical manager
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